Accidents at work

All employers are required by law to ensure the safety of their employees and any person visiting their premises with regards to accidents. When accidents occur at the place of work and one gets injured, the employer is supposed to take responsibility for that injury that the employee has suffered from. This will only be possible if the employee can have enough proof to show that the employer is responsible for the employee suffering from that particular accident. This can be due to the employer failing in his provision of the right working gear and also failure to ensure the working environment is safe.

No amount of compensation can fully cater for the inconvenience, pain, loss, stress and any loss in earnings experienced by the accident victim.

All accidents that happen at work are different with different levels of injuries experienced. Some injuries can be life threatening especially where brain damage is concerned resulting in permanent disability. Most of the employers opt settling the claims made for the injuries experienced out of court. This is usually the case with accidents which are common at the work place. The amount of compensation to be paid for such injuries is usually set beforehand. This is because they are insured for such claims by reputable insurance companies whereby the insurance pays for the third party claims. This can take a short time to settle. Sometimes, the employer can prove to be difficult in settling such a claim and at such a time, the victim needs to engage the services of a personal accident solicitor who will make the claim on your behalf.

A person who has suffered from an injury at his place of work needs to ensure that the incident has been recorded in the company’s accident book, a book that each company is supposed to have in its premises. The details of the injury, the day and time when the injury occurred should be put in writing for future reference. This book will be used later when the victim is making a claim for the injury suffered.

A person making a claim should also have a witness to give evidence about the role the employer has played in making the accident happen. The notes that the doctor who has examined the victim  can also be used by the patient in making the accident at work claim. An ambulance that had collected the injured person can also be used as evidence of injury at work.

If any accident at work claim has to be considered, the victim has to seek for compensation for the injury suffered before three years have elapsed since the day the injury occurred.

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